The lake drone view.

Holmus Holidays are here to please

Holmus Holidays provide relaxing holidays in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Our goal is to provide you with a peaceful stay in Holmus cottage. With the extensive paths around the wilderness, walks can be enjoyed straight from the cottage door at any time of day. Perhaps a glass of wine by the lake will be your tipple?

Welcome to the family team…

If you need us we’ll be on hand! Don’t need us? Then you won’t be disturbed during your visit.

Libby and Ant

Ant and libby profile picture

Wife and husband adventurers!

We both work in the outdoor industry mainly playing on or in the sea, we do it as a hobby too. We both love to surf, kayak, SUP, walk and generally play outside. Since living at Holmus we have also become fans of our animals and a large amount of space we have to grow vegetables and fruit in.

Libby will be one of your contacts during the booking and arrival process, along with her mum, they have got the title of top organisers!

Mark and Nicola

Mark at Holmus

The Daddy (Mark) and Mummy (Nicola)

These are Libby’s parents and love to come and stay with us at Holmus. They are super handy and help out with all sorts of things going on from fixing things to mowing the grass. Mark is an expert in most things and is head of maintenance. Nicola is our resident oracle as she knows a lot about everything!



Goats These cheeky monkeys would love to accompany you on walks of the wilderness and often will stop to signal they want you to pull a branch down! They are a friendly bunch who get to roam free throughout the wild areas!


These guys and gals hang out in the wilderness and top paddocks.

We have 3 flocks of sheep who tend to hang out separately. We have the wild ones, they generally stand further away (unless they suspect you have food!) The white fluffies are friendly when they think you have food too and will occasionally follow you. The Zwartbles are the cuddliest sheep out of them all! They are the ones with a stripe down their nose, they love a scratch, stroke and sometimes even a hug!


chickens of holmus

Our chickens provide fresh eggs for us and you during your stay (if they are being good and laying!). You might hear some clucking if the wind is in the right direction but generally they are quite quiet!

And that is our team.

We are all very friendly and here to help you make your stay a memorable one. If there is anything we can do please just ask!